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Anti burglary security shutter, RC4 Class

The evolution of the species.

Sikurhome offers innovative solutions for any type of home and commercial property alike, keeping in line with the architectural design.

Thanks to its clean design and essential lines typical of the made in Italy, the anti burglary security shutter Sikur Home® ensures that the space is still filled with natural light and does not break the harmony between exterior and interior.

Our licenced mechanism ensures high resistance, safety, practicality, quietness and speed.

Product description.

The antibuglary security shutter designed by Sikur Home® is a vertical grid motorised and completely authomatic, made of a fixed box with side guides for the sliding of the grid and shade, if wanted.

All materials used are Italians, this contributes to the high quality of the finished product with endless possibilities of making it bespoke, to fit the different properties and customers’ taste.

Sikurhome anti burglary security shutter, is the only system that does not need maintenance over the years.

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