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Ibrida 2.0 Strong

Bulletproof Solar Shading, RC4 Class

The original anti burglary Solar Shading Grate

IBRIDA 2.0® it’s the grid that changes the way you see the safety of your home, it comes to satisfy the the client that needs to protect his home from burglars without the need of doing any masonry work

IBRIDA 2.0®, made by SIKUR HOME®, already becoming a popular choice thanks to its licenced versatility, in fact can be installed in any type of pre- existent box, including old style ones.

IBRIDA 2.0® is a guarantee of safety and design, easy to install. 

IBRIDA 2.0® Strong version. Product description.

The IBRIDA 2.0® STRONG version was created to offer maximum burglary resistance.

It is equipped with a sliding counter-guide that fits into the guide of the existing roller shutter.

The bands are made of extruded aluminum with a square bar in galvanized steel inside, a special anti-drill and anti-cut steel sheet, anti-cut rod in hardened and case-hardened steel, gasket for air / water / light sealing, lock and kit anti-lifting in steel.

A real mix of details that guarantee high efficiency and innovation, without never forget the unique, essential and functional design.

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