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corporate division:

Passive SAFETY systems:

anti burglary security shutter,
bulletproof solar shading,
security shutters.

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Passive PROTECTION systems:

solar shading,
roller shutter.

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insulating boxes
thermal/ acoustic boxes.

Who we are


“Welcome to our factory. Our challenge and our history as inventors began in 2007”.

Sikur Home® is a modern Italian company, proudly from Puglia region, that has been used successfully, since 2007, resources and skills for the study, design and production of innovative and avant-garde products in the residential passive safety sector and high-performance filtering and darkening systems.

Founded by shrewd and visionary business mans, over all those years Sikur Home® chose a clear and precise company idea, made by important human values.

Today Sikur Home® is an established and evolving reality, national and international level top player of invention and implementation of security and burglar-proof systems.

Sikur Home® products, they are characterized by revolutionary kind of mechanisms the only ones on the market. They are the result of the ingenuity of highly specialized team.

Each one of the systems is patented and covered by guarantees and certifications gotten by certified companies.






Sikur Home® is engaged in research and development of products connected to the home energy saving, and started a synergistic study program between all its products.

Thanks to the fusion of the concept of “safety” for the customer and the concept of “preservation” to the environment, each product it becomes really important for a better lifestyle quality of the customers and for the next generations.

Safety and Sustainability in full harmony with each other and as never before, FOR A SAFE, BEAUTIFUL AND SIKUR HOME WORLD.

Sikur Home® wants to look beyond the future thanks to the constant investments in professional development research, to be much more than a step ahead all the time.

“We are all the time driven by passion and great inspirations, the same that drives us to continue with our ideas to give serenity and happiness to our customers, making them feel safe…

Safe with our products to feel free to live.”



Sikur Home® is constantly evolving, growing up thanks to many new ideas of our team members.

“We have a lot of new technical and creative human resources, and we are always ready to get involved in new challenges”.

That’s why customers think to Sikur Home® Brand as a company leader in offering high-end products and as a true and only point of reference for the market where work for.

All Sikur Home® products are constantly updated according to the needs and trends of the market, enhancing them with the best technologies chosen from the most advanced.

The attention to the details and the authentic “Made in Italy” quality, it’s a guarantee for customers of reliable, high-performance and certified products, with typical design which makes them perfect to any architectural context.

Every single member of Sikur Home® business team wants to became the most innovative market producer, with products focused to be the only real solution to feel safe.

Home Energy Saving


“Not only housing security. Housing sustainability too”.

Sikur Home® is really proud to have the sustainability and home energy saving in its company vision.

The Research and Development department is always working to find the perfect solutions so that all the products could improve their thermic and acoustic performance of isolation, responding at needs of the market.

“Proud to be pioneers of a combination in which Safety is perfectly in tune with Sustainability”.

Sikur Home® got the purpose thanks to the tests made by the laboratories of the “Istituto Giordano”, getting the best result.

For more informations please give a look to our products, Ecobox and GreenBox.



Sikur Home® is a company based on deep and professional ethics values, like sustainability, transparency and the enhancement of people, making attention to their needs.

Sikur Home® team make attention to the customer’s needs and they work to be well prepared to satisfy them. Research & development, design, elegance, 100% quality Made in Italy and great teamwork is the constant company state of mind.

“We involve our partners in innovative processes, giving them all the technical design experience, assistance and quality control after sales. That way we are different.
The most important value is the pursuit of perfection, that is passion for excellence”.

Sikur Home® spend a lot of resources for the future, making its production lines and logistics-management infrastructures well organized.

Each evolution is always thinking up, designed and created from within, thanks to professional and creative people chosen with attention and perfectly in line with the corporate mood.

Our Pictures


The company, which now is extended on about 8000 square meters, goes on with its industrial development policy which always sees the needs of customers and their absolute well-being at the center of its work.

Sikur Home® owner office are Bari, Milan, Rome and Naples.
That way they are near to the customers of all the country, increasing the opinion of a leader company for offer of high-end products and at the same time as the only identity on the market and able to embody the security concept in different way.


Our Services


Sikur Home® can count on its own technical department that can closely follow the customizing of products, to optimize and customize details if necessary and if it is possible.

Our Services


Sikur Home® is organized to carefully accommodate and manage post-sales support requests, counting to a qualified team that follow the customer by telephone or on site.

Our Services


Sikur Home® sales department is made up by professionals people with experience, perfectly able to follow by remote the correct and appropriate surveys to make a real commercial offer based on correct information.

Our Services


Sikur Home® is carefully to guarantee all the support to get right know-how in each one of its professional figures.
The idea is to provide to all the tools to develop the abilities of the Team, to guarantee the right installation of the products according to the rules established by law.

Our Services


The company structure chart is made by professionals chosen with big care and formed to be able to carry out free consultancy work on the entire range of our products.

What clients say

Message n° 3

Do not hesitate if you have doubt, they are the top for safety. I putted their products home, and I could not have made a better choice. Also they are made with a perfect design, full of smallest details. Sikur Home the best.

What clients say

Message n° 1

Good afternoon,
I would like to thank you for your well timed support.
Specially I would like to thank the two guys (technicians) you sent. Very kindly and efficient.

Best regards.

What clients say

Message n° 2

Dear Sikur Home,

I hereby to thank you for your support, which was made in a very professional way as every time.

Best regards

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